Pet Hermit Crab

Tips On Caring For Your Hermit Crab

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Hermit Crab Behavior
Hermit crabs are fascinating pets and each one actually has itís own unique personality! Some can be friendly, some can pinch you as soon as they get near you and some can be downright crabby.

Hermit Crab Cages
Choosing hermit crab cages that will provide the appropriate environment for your pets is key to their health and happiness.

The Basics Of Hermit Crab Care
Anyone who is considering getting hermit crab as a pet should learn some hermit crab care basics, since there are quite a few things you need to do in order to keep these little shelled creatures happy and healthy.

Hermit Crab Food
Feeding your pet hermit crab can be fun, but just like any other pet itís important that you feed him the right hermit crab food.

Setting Up Your Hermit Crab Habitat
The most important aspect of your crabs habitat is to provide it with the proper amount of heat and moisture.

Hermit Crab Molting
Hermit crab molting is a very interesting part of having land crabs as pets and one you donít get to experience with other pets.

Which Hermit Crab Shells Are Best?
While we often marvel at the borrowed dwellings of hermit crabs, itís hard to know which hermit crab shells are best for your pet.

Hermit Crab Species
There are two basic hermit crab species sold as pets, one native to the Caribbean and the other native to Ecuador.

Hermit Crab Supplies
A hermit crab can be a fun and interesting pet, but are you aware of all the hermit crab supplies you will need in order to give your pet a comfortable and safe home?